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The Nebraska Rescue Council is a coalition of
state groups formed to educate the public
about animal rescue and to encourage
families to adopt, not buy their next family pet.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues. 

Our phone number: 888.665.1153

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TAmos animalshe Nebraska Rescue Council was formed, so that independent, state-licensed, animal shelters and rescues can work together to promote one another, reduce euthanasia and provide information to the public about our organizations. We want to tell you how you can get involved and educate others.

We support responsible, sustainable, social and environmental friendly agriculture practices. Animal shelters and rescue organizations are licensed annually by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

In Nebraska, animal rescue volunteers have been, collectively, saving homeless pets from cruelty, neglect, disasters and unnecessary euthanasia for over 30 years. Animal Rescuers are dedicated to helping the animals that are either waiting for a home in foster care or will live out their lives in sanctuary. Often, animal rescue is the only group that can take an animal from a bad situation and provide them with restorative and rehabilitative care.

State-licensed rescues are inspected and pay an annual fee to maintain their status. Our groups attend public events to further our mission and to encourage families to adopt their companion animals through rescues, shelters and humane societies. We provide public education regarding the consequences of over breeding and the benefits of spaying or neutering. Many of our rescues even offer low-cost spay/neuter programs. There are dozens of rescues in Nebraska working diligently to save the lives of dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, and more! We are located through the State, working with shelters and humane societies to save as many lives as possible. Many of our groups specialize in training to assist families in dealing with behavioral issues and are often called upon to help in rehoming when an environment is no longer suitable for a specific animal.

Our objectives...

  • Leverage our network to cultivate volunteers, awareness, and resources.

  • Educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership and the importance of rescuing an animal versus buying from a retail store or commercial breeder.

  • Strengthen legislation and generate public awareness to grow our companion animal voter base regarding Nebraska legislative opportunities that better protect and require humane treatment of Nebraska‚Äôs companion animals.

The Five Goals for the Council are:

Education and Training

Marketing and Awareness

Strengthening Legislation

Increasing our Volunteer Base

Support and Networking