Get Involved



The Nebraska Rescue Council is a coalition of
state groups formed to educate the public
about animal rescue and to encourage
families to adopt, not buy their next family pet.

Simple Ways for YOU to Help!

Even if you don't have time to actively volunteer for an animal shelter or rescue group, there is a wide variety of things you can do to help homeless pets! Here is just a sample of the things which help out:

Amos animalsHang A Brochure at Work

Have a bulletin board in your breakroom, or available to the public? Why not hang a Nebraska Rescue Council brochure up so other people are informed about all of the great rescues throughout Nebraska?


Involve A Place of Worship

Churches, synagogues, temples or other houses of worship are great places to inspire other people to adopt pets. Want some tips to get started? Bring our Religious Involvement Brochure to your religious leaders or board to get your congregation involved.

Tell Friends and Family

Know of somebody looking to adopt a dog? Let them know about 100+ animal shelters and rescues throughout the State of Nebraska who have thousands of pets up for adoption.

Promote Animals Online

Friend or post your favorite groups (or the Nebraska Rescue Council) on your favorite websites or boards... Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Pinterest. Sites like Craig's List, local news or television channels, your city or company websites or many other websites are usually willing to put up our link to help out too.

Take Down Ads

In your local grocery store or gas station and notice pets for sale ads hanging up? Take 'em down!!! Responsible breeders do not sell animals by hanging flyers or in the newspaper. You have just as much right to take them down as anyone does to hang them up.

Vets, Groomers and Boarding Kennels

These are common places that animal fanatics visit, and if you don't see the Nebraska Rescue Council brochure there, encourage them to put it out for the public to take. Businesses can show they are socially conscious to their customers by promoting adoption on their websites or in a store.


With an unlimited supply of animals needing help, donations are appreciated by every group small and large. Please verify the non-profit status of any group and you may also be able to deduct any donations from annual taxes.

Contact Us

If you want to get involved more, send us an email via the Contact Us page or call us at 888.655.1153.  You can also let any groups you sponsor know you are interested in volunteering and find out their additional needs.

Our objectives...

  • Leverage our network to cultivate volunteers, awareness, and resources.

  • Educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership and the importance of rescuing an animal versus buying from a retail store or commercial breeder.

  • Strengthen legislation and generate public awareness to grow our companion animal voter base regarding Nebraska legislative opportunities that better protect and require humane treatment of Nebraska‚Äôs companion animals.

The Five Goals for the Council are:

Education and Training

Marketing and Awareness

Strengthening Legislation

Increasing our Volunteer Base

Support and Networking